• AOL Desktop Gold Download | Download, Install, Or Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold


    AOL Desktop Gold is a software program available for Mac and Windows. The popular internet suite integrates browser, instant messenger, and media player and works as a comprehensive solution for communication, entertainment, and updates.


    Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold

    Users can follow the instructions given below as per their OS:

    For Windows

    • Launch an updated browser on the system.

    • After that, go to the Desktop Gold Download webpage.

    • Click on the Sign in button and enter your username and password to sign in.

    • Or else, create a new account and then sign in.

    • Once you are on the homepage, find the download option for AOL Desktop Gold and click on it.

    • A prompt revealing the specifications for the program will appear. Make sure your system fulfills the requirements before proceeding.

    • Click on the Download button.

    • Save the installer file on your system.


    For Mac

    • Go to the AOL Desktop Gold download page from your Mac computer.

    • After that, sign into your AOL account.

    • If you do not have an account, then you should create a new one. Click on the Create an Account option and then enter all the details.

    • Sign in and go to the homepage.

    • Find the Desktop Gold download link and click on it.

    • If you do not have a membership or subscription, then choose one and get it.

    • Go to the AOL email and then log into the account.

    • Explore the inbox and locate the message containing the link for AOL Desktop Gold.

    • Click on the Download link.

    • Save the AOL Desktop Gold setup file on your device.


    Steps to Install AOL Desktop Gold

    Based on the operating system, follow these steps for installation:

    On Windows

    • Go to the Downloads folder on the system.

    • After that, open the AOL Desktop Gold setup file.

    • Double-click on the Desktop Gold installer.

    • Now, click on the Install button.

    • When the User Account Control prompt appears, click on Yes.

    • Complete the installation procedure.

    On Mac

    • Go to Finder.

    • Click on the Downloads folder.

    • Click on the AOL Desktop Gold .exe file.

    • Run the installer on the device.

    • Click on the Install button.

    • Give all permissions and proceed with the installation.

    • When the installation is successful, reboot the Mac.


    Steps to Activate AOL Desktop Gold on Windows and macOS

    Follow the instructions mentioned below:

    • Go to the AOL Desktop Gold webpage.

    • Sign in to the AOL user account.

    • Now, click on the activation option for AOL Desktop Gold.

    • Activate the subscription.

    • You will get a confirmation message.

    • After that, sign out of your account from the Desktop Gold program.

    • Log in again and check the activation status of the program.


    Steps to Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

    If you want to uninstall the program, you can follow the steps mentioned here:

    For Windows

    • Open the Start menu.

    • Click on Windows System.

    • Now, find the Control Panel and double-click on it.

    • When the Control Panel opens, select Programs and Features.

    • Choose the program you wish to uninstall.

    • Select it from the list and click on the Uninstall button at the top.

    • Confirm the uninstallation.


    For Mac

    • Go to the Finder.

    • Click on Apps.

    • Right-click on AOL Desktop Gold.

    • Select the File option.

    • Click on Move to Trash.

    • Give admin account access when the prompt comes.

    • When the program is uninstalled, go to the Trash and clear it.


    Steps to Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on Windows or Mac

    You may wish to reinstall the software after either resetting the system or fixing issues. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Find the AOL Desktop Gold set up on the device or download it again.

    • Run the installer file.

    • When the installation prompt appears, click on the Install Now button.

    • Give all permissions and access.

    • Choose how you want to install the program.

    • When the software is installed, restart the device.


    Troubleshoot Common AOL Desktop Gold Issues

    Here are the steps for fixing common Desktop Gold issues:


    AOL Desktop Gold Installation Failure

    Go to the AOL Desktop Download page and review the minimum system requirements. Make sure your device meets the requirements.

    Reboot the device and start a fresh installation.

    Check the speed of the internet and then reattempt the installation.


    AOL Desktop Gold Billing Problems

    • Sign into the AOL user account.

    • Now, go to the My Profile page.

    • Click on Account Activity.

    • Review the recent activity and see if any recent changes are resulting in billing issues.

    • If you have recently added a new payment method, then you can revert it.

    • To do that, go to the My Account page.

    • Click on the My Wallet option.

    • Click on Payment Methods.

    • Make the required changes.

    • At last, click on Submit.